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[ the feed starts with a view of Emilia sitting silhouetted against a wide, panoramic backdrop of huge green fields, with forest and mountains in the distance along with the vague outline of a town at the far left of the display. ]

Danchou-onii-chan and everybody left. [ we are frowning and fiddling with the ends of our hair. ] Obviously I got left behind again. I don't really know what the mission is this time. Something about the salt trade? I don't know.

Anyhow, it's only me and Luciana-onee-chan here now. [ we pause slightly, ] And Velleman-oji-san I guess. He says he's gotta go on a trip sooner or later and has to get ready for it waaaaay in advance.

[ there's a jostle as we turn the book around to show you what we see: a river, and on the other side, the grass receding into flat prairie and desert, with unforgiving mountains and a massive forest looming in the distance there. you will also see the the tops of poorly-thatched, tumbledown houses on the far side of the river, and across it on the near bank there's a much more expertly built town. it's about a mile away from us now, maybe a little less. and you can also see the opposite side of a crenelated wall, revealing that we're on top of a fortified structure. ]

Last time it was Zilva-onee-chan and Eater-onee-chan that showed up. A couple missions back, I mean. New people keep coming along, I guess because everyone likes Danchou-onii-chan 'cause he's really nice.

[ silence for a while, and then: ] I wonder when Onii-sama will get here. I hate this.

[ the video feed ends here. all of her replies will also be video unless otherwise noted. ]
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