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Character: Emilia
Fandom: Yggdra Union

Emilia's canon spans three games: Yggdra Union, Blaze Union, and Yggdra Unison. Since DDD happens to have one of her canonmates already, she will be taken from the second half of Blaze Union to match his timeline.

History: Since she doesn't have much screen time up until she actually joins the party in Blaze Union, we don't know that much about Emilia's backstory.

However, what we do know is this:

Emilia was born out of wedlock in the year 1476 MD. Her father and his real wife had separated at the time, and the circumstances under which he and her mother had their affair is unknown. Her father already had one legitimate child, a son named Gulcasa who happened to be six years Emilia's elder.

Through some lucky or unlucky circumstance, Emilia inherited the blood of the demonic dragon Brongaa, a creature which was worshipped as a god in her country, the Empire of Bronquia. Long ago, Brongaa made a contract with the clan of humans who established the empire, and that contract changed the chemistry of their bodies in order to make them demons as well. Since that time, the blood of that family became very diluted and spread throughout the populace, so that the phenomenon of children being born with Brongaa's blood was about twice as rare as that of "gifted children" in our world--which is to say this kind of thing was unusual, but not unheard-of at all.

Brongaa's power manifests in spurts of destructive energy that halo the user in fire, causing their skin tone to darken significantly and their physical strength to increase drastically. Their temperament may also take a swing towards the violent, and those who cannot control their powers may eventually go mad and start indiscriminate massacres. These techniques are honed in a special ability called Genocide, which drains the strength of the user's allies, dampens enemy magic, and adds to the user's strength exponentially.

As Brongaa's descendants tend to be seen as good weapons to be used by the manipulative, and learning to control all that power is a difficult thing in modern times when there aren't necessarily people equipped to teach that control, young Emilia's abilities probably caused her mother some degree of worry. At some point, a priestess named Baretreenu (actually Gulcasa's mother) visited Emilia and her mother and put a strong magical seal on Emilia's abilities, reducing her to the level of an ordinary, powerless human. To complete the seal, Baretreenu gave Emilia a false name, "Eimi". This was the key that kept the seal functional, and if the seal were to be weakened by mental stress, Emilia would be able to break it by starting to use her true name instead.

We also know that at some point, both Emilia's oft-absent father and her mother passed away from unknown circumstances. At about this same time, Emilia was told of her half-brother's existence. Not knowing Gulcasa's description or his whereabouts, yet deciding that trying to find him would be better than just awaiting her fate as an orphan, Emilia struck out on a journey throughout the vast country of Bronquia in search of him.

It is not clear how long ago this journey began, but when Blaze Union itself begins, Emilia is eleven years old, and has taken up temporary residence with an entertainer living in the town of Tiera. She is still calling herself Eimi at this time.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, the entertainer whose house Emilia is crashing at is currently deep in debt (as are many poor in this town) to a man named Norn, a wealthy and corrupt merchant with connections to the slave trade. Even more unfortunately, she is present when Norn comes to collect. The entertainer tells Emilia to hide, but when Norn orders his soldiers to search the house, they find her and bring her out. Upon learning that the two aren't related, Norn decides to take her for himself and sell her as a slave.

Thankfully, the attempted kidnapping is interrupted by a young knight named Garlot and an archer called Siskier, who lead a band of noble thieves. They send Norn packing in short order. Emilia thanks them, explains her search for her brother, and then parts ways with them. Since Garlot is the main character of the story, Emilia drops off the radar here.

Much later in the game, when Garlot and company have decided to search out the prophet Nessiah to see if he'll join their army as a strategist, they find Emilia staying at his deep-forest mansion. When asked why she's there, she replies that she also heard the rumors about him and decided she might as well ask him if he could help her find Gulcasa.

With the army present, Nessiah tells Emilia that it will be difficult to find Gulcasa right now, because he is entrapped in a "clever barrier" and can't get out. But if she goes with Garlot's army, she'll cross paths with him much sooner. Believing Nessiah's words, Emilia then puppy-eyes her way into this army.

Because she is only eleven years old, though, she's not actually made a full member of the army just yet. At this time (between battlefields 5-6 and 5-7), she lives in the barracks, and is becoming fast friends with older girl Luciana (who likewise can't participate in battle due to a leg injury) and generally getting underfoot at every opportunity.

Personality: Above all else, Emilia is very much a girl her age. She's cheerful, brave, friendly, curious about things, and in something of a hurry to grow up--the last of these is starting to border on being a complex, as she's often dismissed by the people around her and scolded for getting in the way when all she's trying to do is help. Siskier especially tends to view Emilia as "just a kid" who has to be protected from everything, and Emilia is easily annoyed by this--moreso because she really likes Siskier and looks up to her, and wants to be viewed as a person.

Loathing for ageism aside, Emilia has a deep interest in lolita fashion and all things cute. She especially loves teddy bears, and is known to like handmaking beaded bracelets. She also cooperates with Luciana in playing pranks on anyone in the base who runs foul of the older girl. In the future she becomes a griffon rider, and is presumably capable of taking care of her mount.

Despite her cheery nature, there are some odd things about her. Emilia talks somewhat boyishly and childishly (the distinction is much clearer in Japanese), which is usually considered improper in girls her age. She is also completely unfazed by death and combat, since she has after all been traveling a country with a failing government. She's had brushes with starvation, had to hide from bandits, and aside from nearly being sold into slavery, has also narrowly escaped sexual assault once in canon (during 5-1, prior to this point in time). However, Emilia shows no sign of any of this affecting her other than displaying greater strength and endurance than the average eleven-year-old and a desensitized outlook to most types of violence.

Out of all her allies, Emilia has the deepest affection for Luciana (who's her constant companion and partner in crime), Nessiah (who she's very impressed with), Siskier, and Garlot (who she perceives as a surrogate brother). She treats the whole army as her family and trails after them innocently, pestering them affectionately.

In the future, when Emilia is allowed to fight, she glories in doing so--even if people get annoyed with her attempts to protect the base, she's the equal of everyone else on the battlefield. If she's useful, then she'll be treated as a person instead of a burden. Aside from her psychological complex, the fact that Emilia is after all a demonic dragon means that she finds battle to be physically pleasurable. These things cause her to act absolutely bloodthirsty at times, which scares some of her comrades.

It's implied that at this age, Emilia's sense of right and wrong is a little underdeveloped. Her mother, who should have been teaching her this, is dead, and Emilia has spent an unspecified length of time roaming around in a virtually lawless country. Her experiences and innocence cause her to come off as slightly sociopathic at times, and she sees absolutely nothing wrong with killing others.


-Emilia probably isn't fully literate at this time, so most of her posts will probably be by voice or video.
-Blaze Union has several branching storylines, and I intend to move Emilia down the same one as the Nessiah who's already here, at the same pace.
-There is one path of Blaze Union in which Emilia breaks the seal on her own blood; one ending to this path has her become mentally unstable and then go spectacularly insane, turning her into a complete killing machine. We're probably not going to touch this ending, but it's something to keep in mind. She's referred to by fans as Bousou!Emilia at this point.
-She'll start out calling herself Eimi, but since Emilia's true identity is revealed in almost every route of the story, she'll reveal it to the community at the same time this canon point is passed.
-Emilia's a little bit short for her age (132 cm) and it's common fanon that she's touchy about this. Her manner of speech, goth loli clothes, and blithe spirit can also make her come off as younger than she is, though she's mentally mature for her age.
-Emilia's brother Gulcasa is infamous for being one of the toughest bosses in the whole Dept. Heaven series. Emilia herself is not as strong as him because she's not a pureblooded demon, but Bousou!Emilia is the hardest boss in Blaze Union due to losing control of her powers, whereas Gulcasa never does.
-At age 14, Emilia becomes one of the most powerful generals in Bronquia, and is respected by all under the title of Hisetsuki (Scarlet Princess). She is monstrously strong for a girl her age and fearless in combat.
-Generally, Emilia tends to refer to others by appending familial honorifics (e.g. "Siskier-onee-chan", "Nessiah-onii-chan") to their names. I can try to find an English equivalent for these until she grows out of it naturally if there's a problem with this.
-Some visual aids.

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